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Social Media

The Power of Facebook Groups

Are you confused with Facebook Groups? They are under-utilized in many churches today, and they have the potential to drastically increase your effectiveness in reaching, discipling, and connecting people online. Groups can even help grow your church!

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Turn Your Livestream into an Online Campus

Is live-streaming your church service the best way to engage people online? Are people really connecting and interacting with your services? Building an online campus allows you to take the next step and reach even more people online.

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Church Leadership

Online Ministry Is Not A Silver Bullet

Why do you want to use online ministry? It won’t magically fix your ministry problems, but it can help you fulfill the Great Commission. Take time to think about your mission and purpose before you jump in.

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Social Media

Do You Struggle Knowing What to Post on Facebook?

I have developed an online course to help you learn more about posting on Facebook. There are several Facebook secrets that most church leaders don’t know! I’ll guide you through the process, and help you develop a posting plan that is customized for your church.

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Social Media

Getting Started with Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising can be confusing. But once you learn the basics, it’s amazing how powerful it is! You can use it to reach people in your community and around the world with a message of hope.

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Three Options for Better Livestream Audio

When the pandemic started, many churches started sharing their worship service livestream. But getting the sound right for an entire worship service is not easy. Here are your three big options to choose from.

Social Media

Canva – Free Graphic Design for Your Church

Are you still using clipart in your promotional materials? Do you struggle every time that you need to create a graphic for a church event or Facebook Post? If so, Canva is the solution you have been looking for.

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Church Leadership

Four Things to Consider When Reopening Your Church

Church Leaders and Pastors are excited about reopening their services, but it’s not an easy task. In this video and blog post, I share four things to consider as you resume in-person gatherings.