Episode 011 – What your church needs to know about Facebook and Meta

Thanks for joining us for Episode 11 of the Online Ministry Made Simple Podcast. Have you heard about the name change for Facebook? In this episode you will learn what to expect from this change, and how it will affect your church.
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Welcome to Episode 11 of our Online Ministry Made Simple Podcast. Click here to subscribe and listen to the podcast, which is available on all major platforms.

If you have been watching the latest technology news, you have heard about the big change at Facebook. The parent company has been renamed to Meta, and their focus is changing to prepare for the metaverse. What does this mean for the Church? Is this something we should prepare for as well? In today’s episode, I’ll share what Facebook is doing, why it matters, and what we should do to respond as the Church. Our goal is simplifying the complexity of online ministry, and our goal today is to explain these changes in a way that everyone can understand. 

Facebook is wanting to establish a vision for the future of the internet. So what does that mean for the Church?

  • It means we need to be aware that the web is changing once again
  • It means that we can wait until the new technology is established
  • It means we can look for ways to supplement virtual content to what we already do

So, with the push into the metaverse, I am taking a wait-and-see approach. Let’s look at advantages, disadvantages, and dangers. And when there are opportunities that help us share the Gospel and make disciples, we should use them.

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Mike Morris

I am a former design engineer who now pastors Cornerstone Community Church in Galax, Virginia. I'm passionate about following Jesus and helping churches use online ministry to reach their communities.

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