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The Power of Facebook Groups

Are you confused with Facebook Groups? They are under-utilized in many churches today, and they have the potential to drastically increase your effectiveness in reaching, discipling, and connecting people online. Groups can even help grow your church!
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Most churches are missing out on a simple and powerful tool to connect with and communicate with their congregation. If you are interested in using social media effectively, you need to consider adding at least one Facebook Group, and ideally more.

Why do you need a group?

Nearly one third of the world’s population has a Facebook account, and nearly eight out of ten Americans are active on Facebook. Back in 2018, Facebook effectively changed how organizations and businesses use Facebook by changing their algorithm. Facebook de-emphasized posts from Facebook Pages, and increased the visibility of posts from friends and Facebook Groups.

Many churches have become frustrated because of the low organic reach of their Facebook Page posts. While you can increase the effectiveness of your posts by generating better content (see my course on developing a Facebook Posting Strategy), typically you will need to spend money on boosting posts and creating Facebook ads for important posts. But what if I told you that you can post the same information in a Facebook Group and get better results?

Facebook Groups are a great way to build community for your church. A Group can be an extension of your church’s ministry online. It’s an online campus for your church, and it’s free. Here are a few possible uses for your Groups in your church.

Learning More About Facebook Groups

Nona Jones’ book, From Social Media to Social Ministry (my affiliate link) is a great place to start to learn more about the importance of a Facebook Group. But if you want to go in-depth, then I encourage you to check out my course Facebook Groups Made Simple, A Complete Guide for Churches. In my six-lesson course with over 3 hours of teaching, here’s what you will learn.

Interested? If so, then click this link to learn more and signup. And for a limited time, you’ll also get access to my other course on Developing a Facebook Posting Strategy. It’s two courses for price of one.

Mike Morris

Mike Morris

I am a former design engineer who now pastors Cornerstone Community Church in Galax, Virginia. I'm passionate about following Jesus and helping churches use online ministry to reach their communities.

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