FREE WORKSHOP! Learn How to USe Facebook more Effectively for your church

5 Day Challenge - Developing a Church Facebook Posting Strategy

Learn how to use Facebook to connect with your community and grow your church

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Relationships are the foundation for discipleship, and you can use Facebook to do discipleship from a distance. Let me show you how!

We’ll be starting the workshop the week of November 16th

Helping Simplify the Complexity of Online Ministry

My passion is to help church leaders overcome their frustration with online ministry. When we understand that online ministry is simply discipleship from a distance, we learn how to make connections and build relationships that allow us to share the Gospel effectively.

Mike Morris

Pastor and Founder of Online Ministry Made Simple

I’m the Lead Pastor in a small-town church in the mountains of Virginia, and I’ve been blogging and teaching about church technology since 2006. I plan on sharing blog posts, training videos, and online courses to help you learn how simple online ministry can really be!